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Anybody understand human nature around here?

I can't take it anymore. Jessica is basically the only friend I have at Buchholz to actually talk to before and after class, etc... because Anya is at Eastside. Except now I don't have anyone because Jessica has made friends with this kid Michael who I absolutely cannot stand. He's so rude and just plain annoying, and I can't see how Jessica can actually stand him! Now, during lunch he hangs out with Jessica and I and acts as if he's just best friends with each of us. So, the only time I actually have w/ Jessica is before school, but Michael lives in Jessica's neighborhood, so she's giving him rides to school, which means I now have to put up with him in the mornings too! It's gotten to the point where Michael and Jessica just talk in the mornings while I stand there, only talking when they directly address me, and then during lunch, the 2 do Bio homework while I just sit there doing nothing. And Jessica keeps asking me if anything is wrong! Well, let's think about this.... You know, I thought she was slightly smarter than that and could actually put 2 and 2 together. Well, I guess you don't know a person until you actually have to put up with them. Oh, and then Michael acts like he's so much smarter than me just because he's taking AP Bio and I'm only taking Honors. Well, little does he know that I was recommended for AP Bio, but I figured 3 AP classes in one year might be slightly suicidal....not that he'd even notice. And another thing, I swear he does all these little things he does just to tick me off and prove that Jessica is basically in his grasp. Jessica and I have been friends for almost 5 years now, and he comes along and she completely ignores me! Oh, and Michael always twists around everything you say, as another way to annoy you. Of course Jessica finds it funny. And then when Jessica does talk to me she won't stop talking about how much she misses her boyfriend Justin. It's Justin this and Justin that and oh I wish Justin went to school here, I'm so worried about Justin blah blah blah! When they were "just friends" she never talked about him. Then, all the sudden she has this undying need to be around him every second! I just don't get it!!!! I really don't know what I'm supposed to do! I mean, do I just one day say "Jessica, I do exist and have my own problems to deal with. Michael, go break up another friendship, you've already succeeded here" ?
I think I'm going to go do my homework now......We all know I have plenty of that to deal with...... sorry about just complaining, but I find lately that it's what people are best at...... Ash
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